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Continuous logging and injecting parameters

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Hi Brian. Thanks for the amazing project! I’m trying to put it to good use for some scientific experiments (neuroscience in case you’d find it interesting 😊). First of all sorry - this is a dual issue, but I think they make sense together. Do feel free to split them into separate issues if you wish.

I’d like to be able to do two specific things:

  • Continuously (or semi-continuously) log the output from the board without interrupting it. With device.task() I can only log the function output at the end of the function. And with list_of_values = device.thread() I haven’t been able to return values (I get NoneType). I could run a loop locally, but it doesn’t offer the same time precision I’m after (I can provide an example if needed). I’ve written about it previously on the MicroPython Github which is where I was recommended to have a look at Belay.
  • I need to be able to send updated variables as it is running. I’ve been able to do that previously with poll on the board and serial.write() on the local side. See more on the MicroPython forum.

Do you think I can achieve this with Belay, or what would be needed? I’d be happy to beta test features if you’d like me to. I can get away with some sloppier code for now, but I’d love to make the most of the tidiness offered by Belay! 😃

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roaldarbolcommented, Nov 15, 2022

I’ll close this issue for now - if I think of other curious tweaks that would be cool I’ll let you know. Thanks again!

roaldarbolcommented, Nov 15, 2022

Lol… I had… But I hadn’t reloaded it… Sorry about that. 😅 Awesome!

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