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Details has not been printed

See original GitHub issue

Describe the issue I’m trying to add details to a custom policy, but it has not been printed. Run: On MacOS and on Github Action checkov-action@v12.1943.0 Version: 2.2.168 Additional context

MANDATORY_TAGS = [ “Application”, “Env”, “Team”, ]

class MandatoryTags(BaseResourceCheck):

  def __init__(self):
      name = "Ensure all resources has madatory tags"
      id = "CUSTOM_AWS_001"
      supported_resources = ['aws_kms_key']
      categories = [CheckCategories.GENERAL_SECURITY]
      guideline = "Check page blah blah"
      super().__init__(name=name, id=id, categories=categories,
            supported_resources=supported_resources, guideline=guideline)

  def scan_resource_conf(self, conf):
      if 'tags_all' in conf.keys():
          resource_tags = list(conf['tags_all'][0].keys())
          if not all(tag in resource_tags for tag in MANDATORY_TAGS):
              self.details.append("default_tags need to be set on provider level")
              return CheckResult.FAILED
          return CheckResult.PASSED

check = MandatoryTags()

** output ** "check_id": "CUSTOM_AWS_001", "bc_check_id": null, "check_name": "Ensure all resources has mandatory tags", "check_result": { "result": "FAILED", "evaluated_keys": [] }, "code_block": [...], "file_path": "/plan_fmt.json", "file_abs_path": "/private/tmp/platform-checkov-custom-policies/plan_fmt.json", "repo_file_path": "/plan_fmt.json", "file_line_range": [...], "resource": "aws_kms_key.default", "evaluations": null, "check_class": "CheckMandatoryTags", "fixed_definition": null, "entity_tags": null, "caller_file_path": null, "caller_file_line_range": null, "resource_address": "aws_kms_key.default", "severity": null, "bc_category": null, "benchmarks": null, "description": null, "short_description": null, "vulnerability_details": null, "connected_node": null, "guideline": "", "details": [], "check_len": null },

In the output, it shows the details list as empty.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 9 months ago
  • Comments:6

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

gruebelcommented, Dec 16, 2022

found the issue, thanks. The details were just added for normal Terraform scans and not for Terraform plan scans.

gruebelcommented, Dec 19, 2022

it should be included with version 2.2.179

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