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propTypes are not created if you assign props from a pre-defined type or if you import types from another file

See original GitHub issue

For example the following won’t work:

const Link = ({ href, children }: Props) =>
   <a href={href}>children</a>

type Props = {
   href: string,
   children: any,

whereas this will:

const Link = ({ href, children }: {
   href: string,
   children: any,
}) =>
   <a href={href}>children</a>

In addition, if you import types, from other files, the type won’t in fact be created in the other file. There will be nothing there. That problem becomes even worse if you’re using types imported from packages, e.g. the react-redux flowtypes, eg if you’re doing something like the following you’re screwed:

import React from 'react'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import type { Store } from 'redux'
import type { Connector } from 'react-redux'

import type { Href } from './hrefToUrl' // no flow type will be converted to a propType in the other file

type OwnProps = {
  href: Href, 
  children: any, 

type Props = {
  dispatch: Function,
} & OwnProps // doubt an intersection will work

type Context = {
  store: Store,

const Link = ({ href, children }: Props) => // Props wont work cuz its not defined here
   <a href={href} onPress={(e) => e.preventDefault() || dispatch({ type: 'FOO' })}>{children}</a>

const connector: Connector<OwnProps, Props> = connect() // yea right, not happening

export default connector(Link)

So in short, any serious code using redux (or any 3rd party types, or any of your own imported files) unfortunately won’t work with this otherwise great package.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

brigandcommented, Apr 2, 2017

@max-mykhailenko supporting flow-typed would be a ton of extra code and require filesystem access, which isn’t good in a babel plugin.

If you implement it in a fork, I’ll put a link in the readme, but I don’t want to maintain that feature.

faceyspaceycommented, Jul 17, 2017

By the way, this issue still occurs if you don’t put the flow types before they are used. Typically with Flow it doesn’t matter what order the types come in (they are hoisted), but with the babel plugin, they have to be defined before used.

Not the biggest issue, but worth mentioning. The previous fix for intersections fixed the larger problem.

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