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every jsdoc annotation is being ignored?

See original GitHub issue

every jsdoc annotations are being ignored:


 * POST /tag
 * @summary create a tag
 * @param {string} name the name fo the new tag
 * @returns {object} 200 - success response
 * @returns {object} 400 - Bad request response
 * @example response - 200 - success response example
 *   {
 *     "_id": "Bury the light",
 *     "name": "lorem ipsum",
 *   }
 */'/', [insertNewTag])


const swaggerSettings = {
	info: {
		version: '1.0.0',
		title: 'PetStore',
		license: {
			name: 'MIT',
	security: {
		BasicAuth: {
			type: 'http',
			scheme: 'basic',
	baseDir: __dirname,
	filesPattern: ['./routes/**/*.*'],
	swaggerUIPath: '/api-docs',
	exposeSwaggerUI: true,
	exposeApiDocs: false,
	apiDocsPath: '/v3/api-docs',
	notRequiredAsNullable: false,
	swaggerUiOptions: {},

Also notice the filepattern. This works (well nothing really is being rendered from the jsdoc)


while this one is not:


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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:6 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kevinccbsgcommented, Jun 8, 2021

Hi, @juicycool92 we are not very used to TS but related to Intelisense I think it is not working because this is not a valid JSDOC comment. So IntelliSense will not recognize this.

* @typedef {anyof|oneof|object} example

I don’t think we could do a lot about this error 😅 We are using JSDOC as a friendly format to easily create API Docs but OpenAPI has way more scenarios that cannot be covered with JSDOC specification (For example anyof|oneof) so we have to create structures that don’t match JSDOC spec. Therefore, intelisense will not work in this case.

juicycool92commented, Jun 7, 2021

Hi @kevinccbsg . Thanks for kind reply.

after I digging up, I realized that my project are required to add @types/swagger-ui-express for recognize allOf or express-jsdoc-swagger’s own property.

seems like it just happy coincidence, but… at least it works for now.

image but unfortunately, I did not resolve another issues that define variables in @typedef is not recognized yet.

I copied ts-example for just in case that example is working, but seems like no luck.

its work… but make me itching that intellisense or codecompletion working perfectly on .js, but .ts files got ton of error…

can you help me what is going on?

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