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Add Norwegian Translations

See original GitHub issue

GitTrends provides i18n using RESX.

More information on using RESX with Xamarin.Forms can be found here:

All of the .resx files can be found in the GitTrends.Mobile.Common.Constants folder:


  • Implement AppStoreRatingRequestConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> AppStoreRatingRequestConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement DemoUserConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> DemoUserConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement EmptyDataViewConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> EmptyDataViewConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement EmptyDataViewConstantsInternal.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> EmptyDataViewConstantsInternal.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement GitHubLoginButtonConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> GitHubLoginButtonConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement NotificationConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> NotificationConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement OnboardingConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> OnboardingConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement PageTitles.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> PageTitles.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement ReferringSitesPageConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> ReferringSitesPageConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement RepositoryPageConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> RepositoryPageConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement ReviewServiceConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> ReviewServiceConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement SettingsPageConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> SettingsPageConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement SortingConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> SortingConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement SplashScreenPageConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> SplashScreenPageConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement TrendsChartTitleConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> TrendsChartTitleConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)
  • Implement WelcomePageConstants.nb.resx
    • In GitTrends.Mobile.Common.csproj, use <DependentUpon> WelcomePageConstants.resx </DependentUpon> (Example)

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

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jwoestecommented, Jun 19, 2020

Able (over the weekend) - Currently occupied with a workaround for

brminnickcommented, Mar 4, 2021

Thanks @andreas-nesheim!!! Assigned ✅

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