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Documentation: speeding up demultiplex of big runs (S4 chips)

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Is there any history of anyone demultiplexing S4 chips using IlluminaBasecallsToSam. The process seems to be extremely slow, to the point of being unusable for production runs. Is there any way of speeding this up?

Runtimes for reference: ExtractIlluminaBarcodes: 22 min (70 threads, local FS, 1 lane) IlluminaBasecallsToSam: 17h+ (cancelled)(70 threads, local FS, 1 lane) Bcl2fastq: 7:45h (slower network FS, 70 threads, all lanes).

Commands used

picard -Xmx430080m ExtractIlluminaBarcodes \
--BARCODE_FILE NVQ_Run314.barcodes.L1.tsv \
--METRICS_FILE "barcode_metrics_L1.txt" \
--BASECALLS_DIR /projects/demultiplex/211111_A00785_0314_AHKVVTDSX2_bcl/Data/Intensities/BaseCalls --COMPRESSION_LEVEL 5 --LANE 1 --MAX_RECORDS_IN_RAM 7000000 --NUM_PROCESSORS 70 --READ_STRUCTURE 151T8B8B151T --TMP_DIR /tmp --TMP_DIR $PWD

picard -Xmx430080m IlluminaBasecallsToSam \
--LIBRARY_PARAMS NVQ_Run314.library_params.L1.tsv \
--READ_GROUP_ID "211111_A00785_0314_AHKVVTDSX2.1" \
--RUN_BARCODE 211111_A00785_0314_AHKVVTDSX2 \
--SORT true \
--BASECALLS_DIR /projects/demultiplex/211111_A00785_0314_AHKVVTDSX2_bcl/Data/Intensities/BaseCalls --COMPRESSION_LEVEL 5 --LANE 1 --MAX_RECORDS_IN_RAM 7000000 --NUM_PROCESSORS 70 --READ_STRUCTURE 151T8B8B151T --TMP_DIR /tmp --TMP_DIR $PWD

All help is more than welcome Thanks Matthias

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

matthdsmcommented, Mar 16, 2022

Hi John,

So you’re telling me you’ve been able to demultiplex a full S4 chip (300 cycles, PE) in about 1 hour? That’s very impressive. I’m interested in how you were able to do that. As far as I can see, the demux is CPU bound, so our filesystem shouldn’t be an issue (cifs network share for bcl data, cephFS for local storage).

We’re not doing much out of the ordinary:

bcl2fastq \
    --runfolder-dir cifs-drive \
    --output-dir  cehpFS/ \
    --interop-dir cehpFS/InterOp \
    --sample-sheet cehpFS/SampleSheet.csv \
    --loading-threads 70 \
    --processing-threads 70 \
    --writing-threads 70 \
    --barcode-mismatches 0 \

I’m very curious how you were able to improve on this. Looking forward to your response!


iamh2ocommented, Mar 16, 2022

A little late here, but 7hours for bcl2fq2 with 70 cores… an S4 flowcell? That is really very long. (as are the other steps, but I’ve been poking around with bcl2fq, and can get execution times on NFS filesystems of ~1hr). but it is highly dependent on the command line args- if this still interests you, I’d be curious to see your bcl2fq command.

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