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open in non-active tab (`gf`, `C`) and open multiple links (`cf`) are missing link hints compared to `f`

See original GitHub issue

SurfingKeys: 0.9.63 Browser: Chrome 81.0.4044.122 URL:


On some websites (e.g., gf and C do not show all link hints, wheras f and cf do. I would expect them to behave the same.

Example for f which shows hints for the images and titles: image and C which is missing those hints: image

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DavidGretzschelcommented, Dec 15, 2021

To clarify (and update) the issue:

The title should make the distinction between the two separate behaviours in the f-group and the cf-group (which includes cf, gf, af and C).



cf, gf, af, C group:


This is a big issue for me. It makes it really hard for me to intuitively use the more efficient vim-style navigation, since I can’t predict what can be navigated to. And I’m afraid, that the latter group being so pared down, forces me to use the mouse, anyway, since I can’t replace ctrl-click apparently. [I suppose, I could get around that with pressing yt to create a tab-copy and navigate to where I want from there, but it’s convoluted and some sites don’t load fast copies either.]

Afraid, I don’t have the insight to solve the technical problem underlying it. Just wanted to clarify the issue a little and emphasize, that it’s very important to me.

brookhongcommented, Dec 24, 2020

When tabbed is true, current implementation expects that there is href on an element for Surfingkeys to open it in new tab, please see Theose clickable elements without href will not be included in hints with tabbed: true, since it may not make sense to open it in a new tab, for example, those page-inside javascript actions.

Yes, this kind of assumption is not accurate, since some elements without href do have a target URL, but I currently haven’t had a good approach for that. Any suggestion that does work is welcomed.

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