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Yanking fails on some pages?

See original GitHub issue

The page in question: (it’s a Russian torrent tracker, and sorry, it looks like hell, but unfortunately, I still use it…)

Any mapping related to yanking simply fails. For instance, if I press yy, Surfingkeys capture the first y, show a menu with the suggestions, but then I press the second y and nothing happens.

Other mappings (and re-mappings) seem to work, I tried both with the default config and also with my own config. Yanking on other pages works, too. Can reproduce both in Firefox and Brave. Tried both with uBlock origin on and off.

They probably have something on that page that breaks / blocks certain parts of Surfingkeys code? Any ideas may be how to fix it? Would be soo grateful 😃

Surfingkeys v.1.1.1.

Firefox v.106.0.4.

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yaohappinesscommented, Nov 6, 2022

With this policy of constant updates we can’t downgrade while this being fixed? With Firefox, as I recall, you can disable updates for the installed extensions, but as for Chrome, there’s nothing we can do, I think?

Get an history version of the extension, e.g. this site Unzip the crx extension file, and open the Developer mode on chrome://extensions/, and then click “Load unpacked” button to manually load the unzipped extension.

On Windows, I revoked the write permissions of Surfingkeys plugin directory which also works.

yaohappinesscommented, Nov 6, 2022

I had a similar problem. It seems a problem about “Permissions in Cross-Origin Iframes”. It happens when the current frame and the main frame are cross site origins.

v1.0.9 don’t have this problem. It should be caused by the commit 936edff.

Error message:

DOMException: The Clipboard API has been blocked because of a permissions policy applied to the current document. See for more details.

This link shows an example. It contains a cross origin frame. And the ad at the bottom of the page is also a cross origin frame. See picture below.

Screenshots 2022-11-06 193744

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