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[Bug]: DuplicateDeviceError crashes library

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Client version


Node version


Operating System type


Operating system version


Describe the bug

See code snippet from eufysecurity.ts (lines 495 ff.):

            promises.push(new_device.then((device: Device) => {
                device.on("property changed", (device: Device, name: string, value: PropertyValue) => this.onDevicePropertyChanged(device, name, value));
                device.on("raw property changed", (device: Device, type: number, value: string) => this.onDeviceRawPropertyChanged(device, type, value));
                device.on("crying detected", (device: Device, state: boolean) => this.onDeviceCryingDetected(device, state));
                device.on("sound detected", (device: Device, state: boolean) => this.onDeviceSoundDetected(device, state));
                device.on("pet detected", (device: Device, state: boolean) => this.onDevicePetDetected(device, state));
                device.on("motion detected", (device: Device, state: boolean) => this.onDeviceMotionDetected(device, state));
                device.on("person detected", (device: Device, state: boolean, person: string) => this.onDevicePersonDetected(device, state, person));
                device.on("rings", (device: Device, state: boolean) => this.onDeviceRings(device, state));
                device.on("locked", (device: Device, state: boolean) => this.onDeviceLocked(device, state));
                device.on("open", (device: Device, state: boolean) => this.onDeviceOpen(device, state));
                device.on("ready", (device: Device) => this.onDeviceReady(device));
                return device;
            }).catch((device: Device) => {
                this.log.error("Error", device);
                return device;
    this.loadingDevices = Promise.all(promises).then((devices) => {
        devices.forEach((device) => {
            const station = this.getStation(device.getStationSerial());
            if (!station.isConnected()) {
        this.loadingDevices = undefined;

and the corresponding addDevice method:

private addDevice(device: Device): void {
    const serial = device.getSerial()
    if (serial && !Object.keys(this.devices).includes(serial)) {
        this.devices[serial] = device;
        this.emit("device added", device);

        if (device.isLock())
    } else {
        throw new DuplicateDeviceError(`Device with this serial ${device.getSerial()} exists already and couldn't be added again!`);

If the function throws a DuplicateDeviceError. This error is in sequence treated as a device itself (lines 509-511). Since this error object doesn’t have the needed methods for a device the following loadingDevices method will crash.

To reproduce

I have this issue in my quick and dirty tool ( even though I can’t quite tell why. The first login works fine but any subsequent attempt to connect crashes.

The homebridge-eufy-security client which establishes the connection just the same works fine it seems.

Screenshots & Logfiles

TypeError: device.getStationSerial is not a function
    at /home/rene/dev/etc/node_modules/eufy-security-client/build/eufysecurity.js:477:56
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at /home/rene/dev/etc/node_modules/eufy-security-client/build/eufysecurity.js:476:21
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
    at async EufySecurity.getDevices (/home/rene/dev/etc/node_modules/eufy-security-client/build/eufysecurity.js:276:13)
    at async EufyPlatform.updateDevices (/home/rene/dev/etc/index.js:299:25)
    at async EufySecurity.<anonymous> (/home/rene/dev/etc/index.js:143:7)

Additional context

No response

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:6 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

bropatcommented, Jun 14, 2022

So, since you shouldn’t use the refreshCloudData method in the first place, how are you supposed to get a stations and device list at the start of the program?

The connect event is now emitted after the internal refresh.

My assumption would be, that you’ll consider an async approach and waiting on ‘device added’ and ‘station added’ events is best practice? Am I right?

Right. There are also “old” methods that I would like to remove in the next major release.

Alternatively, would it be feasible to emit an event after the first call to refreshCloudData has read all the devices?

You could now also use the connect event 😉

thierencommented, Jun 13, 2022

Thank you for auditing.

Yeah. Didn’t check if refresh was really necessary and copied it from other sources nevertheless.

As said quick and (very) dirty. But helps me a lot to test things and dive a little deeper.

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