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T8422 Floodlight support

See original GitHub issue

Describe the bug
Floodlight camera is seen as disabled and no commands could be sent to it.

To Reproduce
Model: T8422 Device is enabled by the app, start livestream fails with below error. I have also shared the response of ‘start_listening’ call

2021-10-10 17:56:53.240  ERROR Unexpected error
 RangeError  The value "-128" is invalid for option "size"
error stack:
• buffer.js:370 alloc
• utils.ts:25 stringWithLength
• utils.ts:102 buildIntCommandPayload
• session.ts:337 sendCommandWithInt
• station.ts:2359 startLivestream
• message_handler.ts:100 handle
• server.ts:46 device
• server.ts:98 receiveMessage
• server.ts:57 <anonymous>
• events.js:375 emit

Start Listening Response;


          'name': 'Patio',
          'model': 'T8422',
          'serialNumber': 'T8422XYZ',
          'hardwareVersion': 'P1',
          'softwareVersion': '',
          'lanIpAddress': 'XYZ',
          'macAddress': 'XYZ',
          'currentMode': 1,
          'guardMode': 1,
          'connected': True


          'name': 'Patio',
          'model': 'T8422',
          'serialNumber': 'T8422XYZ',
          'hardwareVersion': 'P1',
          'softwareVersion': '',
          'stationSerialNumber': 'T8422XYZ',
          'enabled': False,
          'motionDetected': False,
          'personDetected': False,
          'personName': '',
          'autoNightvision': True,
          'ledStatus': True,
          'motionDetection': True,
          'pictureUrl': 'XYZ',
          'motionDetectionType': 5,
          'motionDetectionSensivity': 1,
          'light': False,
          'microphone': True,
          'speaker': True,
          'speakerVolume': 80,
          'audioRecording': True,
          'recordingEndClipMotionStops': False,
          'recordingClipLength': 75,
          'recordingRetriggerInterval': 0,
          'videoStreamingQuality': 0,
          'lightSettingsEnable': True,
          'lightSettingsBrightnessManual': 100,
          'lightSettingsBrightnessMotion': 100,
          'lightSettingsBrightnessSchedule': 100,
          'lightSettingsMotionTriggered': True,
          'lightSettingsMotionTriggeredTimer': 30,
          'notificationType': 2

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:29 (21 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

bropatcommented, Oct 12, 2021

@fuatakgun @rpitera

I have found the cause. 😉

fuatakguncommented, Oct 12, 2021

Enjoy your vacation

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