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Hi There,

I setup the eufy-security plugin (version 0.0.9) in ioBroker following this tutorial:

I can see all the status of my camera and home base successfully (Homebase 2 + eufyCam 2C).


When I try and set data, for example the guard_mode, the value fails to be set, with ioBroker showing the following error log:

2020-12-29 11:08:04.232 - info: eufy-security.0 (13227) state eufy-security.0.T8XXXXXXXXXXXX.station.guard_mode changed: 1 (ack = false)
2020-12-29 11:08:04.233 - debug: eufy-security.0 (13227) Station.setGuardMode(): P2P connection to station T8XXXXXXXXXXXX present, send command mode: 1.
2020-12-29 11:08:04.234 - debug: eufy-security.0 (13227) Station.setGuardMode(): Using CMD_SET_PAYLOAD...
2020-12-29 11:08:04.235 - debug: eufy-security.0 (13227) EufyP2PClientProtocol._sendCommand(): sequence: 0 command_type: 1350 channel: 255 retries: 0 message_states.size: 1
2020-12-29 11:08:04.243 - debug: eufy-security.0 (13227) EufyP2PClientProtocol.handleMsg(): ACK - received from host for datatype DATA sequence 0
2020-12-29 11:08:04.275 - debug: eufy-security.0 (13227) EufyP2PClientProtocol.handleMsg(): DATA - received from host - Processing DATA with sequence 0...
2020-12-29 11:08:04.276 - debug: eufy-security.0 (13227) Station.onCommandResponse(): station: T8XXXXXXXXXXXX command_type: 1224 channel: 255 return_code: ERROR_INVALID_PARAM (-110)
2020-12-29 11:08:04.277 - error: eufy-security.0 (13227) EufySecurity.stationP2PCommandResult(): Station: T8XXXXXXXXXXXX command CMD_SET_ARMING failed with error: ERROR_INVALID_PARAM (-110)
# trimmed the data object
2020-12-29 11:08:04.278 - debug: eufy-security.0 (13227) EufyP2PClientProtocol.handleData(): Result data for command received - message: {"sequence":0,"command_type":1350,"nested_command_type":1224,"channel":255,"data":{"type":"Buffer","data":[209,0,0,0,88,90,89,72,70,5,128,0,0,0,1,0,255,0,0,0,123,34,97,99,99,....]},"retries":1,"acknowledged":true,"return_code":-1,"timeout":{"_idleTimeout":-1,"_idlePrev":null,"_idleNext":null,"_idleStart":19351,"_onTimeout":null,"_repeat":null,"_destroyed":true}} result: ERROR_INVALID_PARAM (-110)
2020-12-29 11:08:04.278 - debug: eufy-security.0 (13227) EufyP2PClientProtocol.handleData(): commandId: 
# I trimmed the msg string
CMD_SET_PAYLOAD (1350) - result: ERROR_INVALID_PARAM (-110) - msg: f1d00098d1000000585a5948XXXXXXXXX

I can send the full data and msg strings, just wasn’t sure if they contained secrets so trimmed them.

Appreciate your work on this integration! 👍

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:22 (8 by maintainers)

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MattHodgecommented, Jan 3, 2021

Thanks @bropat ! New version works great.

Really appreciate your efforts!!

tofriecommented, Jan 3, 2021

@bropat works perfect for me! I will continue to watch it today. Thanks for your good work.

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