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feature_request(browsers): different messages for browsers

See original GitHub issue

#325 — related issue.

1. Summary

It would be nice, if would be possible use different messages for different browsers.

2. Argumentation

I don’t want support any Internet Explorer version on my sites, arguments — 1, 2.

Also, I don’t support outdated versions of another browsers.

I need use different messages — browser unsupported and browser outdated, — but I can’t find, how I can do it, use browser-update.

3. Example


If Internet Explorer:

Similar as in @josselex commentInternet Explorer is not supported on this page, we recommend you to use an additional other browser for the best experience on this page.

else outdated version of another browser:

Similar as default message — Your web browser {brow_name} is out of date. Update your browser for more security, speed and best experience on this site


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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:8 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Kristinitacommented, Feb 18, 2019

@josselex, ping. Examples:

  • For Opera Mini users it would be nice to show content from this and this links
  • For Internet Explorer users — this and this


Kristinitacommented, Sep 16, 2020


Status: Implemented with problem 🌔

1. Testing

1.1. Environment

BrowserStackfree plan for open source.

1.2. Script

$buoop =
        f: 4147
        i: 4147
        uc: 4147
        ios: 4147
        c: -2
        o: 4147
    reminder: 0
    api: 2020.09
    text: 'Kira Goddess! Test 1 — Any outdated browser'
    text_for_i: 'Kira Goddess! Test 2 — Internet Explorer'
    text_for_uc: 'Kira Goddess! Test 3 — UC Browser'
    text_for_ios: 'Kira Goddess! Test 4 — iOS'
    text_in_ru: 'Кира Богиня! Test 5 — Russian language'
    text_for_c: 'Kira Goddess! Test 6 — Chrome'
    text_for_o_in_ru: 'Кира Богиня! Test 7 — Edge in Russian'

$buo_f = ->
    e = document.createElement('script')
    e.src = ''
    document.body.appendChild e

    document.addEventListener 'DOMContentLoaded', $buo_f, false
catch e
    window.attachEvent 'onload', $buo_f

Also, I increased font size, because on mobile devices browser-update message too small:

    font-size 2rem

2. Priority problem

During testing, I found that, in my opinion, currently, browser-update haven’t the best priority for text options.

2.1. Data

For example, we have 3 options for Edge:

  1. text_in_ru
  2. text_for_e_in_ru
  3. text_for_e

2.2. Desired behavior

  1. text_for_e_in_ru — this is the most specific setting, it must have high priority. That is, the text_for_e_in_ru value must be displayed, even we have text_for_e and/or text_in_ru.
  2. Further, in my opinion, should be text_for_e. text_in_ru — common option for any browsers on Russian; text_for_e — specifically for Edge. But good web developer must add text_for_e_in_ru, if he already has text_for_e and text_in_ru.
  3. text_in_ru — the lowest priority of three.

2.3. Current behavior

  1. text_in_ru
  2. text_for_e
  3. text_for_e_in_ru

3. Tests results

If there are no additional comments, then everything is fine.

3.1. Windows 10, Firefox 77.0.1 (32-bit)


3.2. Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11.329.19041.0

Internet Explorer

3.3. Samsung Galaxy S10+, UC Browser v.

UC Browser

Also, see original font size without font-size 2rem:

UC Browser original

I think, it would be nice to increase font size and icons (for example, 2 times) for mobile devices.

3.4. iPhone 7, iOS v.10


Unfortunately, browser-update didn’t work for me in the latest iPhone version on BrowserStack at the moment — iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS v.13:

iPhone 11

3.5. Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.6. 64-bit, Opera 67.0.3575.31, Russian language

Opera Russian

Unfortunately, browser-update didn’t work for me for the latest Opera version at the moment — Opera 70.0.3728.71.

3.6. Windows 10, Chrome 77.0.3865.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)


3.7. Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.6. 64-bit, Edge 81.0.416.53 (Official build) (64-bit), Russian language

  1. Current behavior:

    Edge Current

  2. Desired behavior:

    Edge Expected

See «Priority problem» section of this comment for details.


Read more comments on GitHub >

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