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shakes out functions that I used

See original GitHub issue

I’m not sure if this plugin in production ready yet, but it seems that it removed functions that I’m definitely using.

Using import to get the modules, but running babel as a browserify transform, so that should rewrite everything to require.

seems that most of the incorrectly removed functions are from the crypto-browserify package.

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:6 (2 by maintainers)

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retail-robotcommented, Apr 20, 2018

Hi - I’m running into this issue too - I threw together a project that reproduces the issue here:

You should be able to clone it and just npm install + npm run build

toddselfcommented, Apr 26, 2018

hi! we just ran into this too with the sbd library.

it is stripping out /lib/Match.js:isCaptialized, even though that function is called via this within the code.

09:42:00 ~/src/sbd:master
↳ npx browserify -p common-shakeify lib/tokenizer.js > shake.js
09:42:07 ~/src/sbd:master
↳ npx browserify lib/tokenizer.js > no-shake.js
09:45:03 ~/src/sbd:master
↳ grep isCapitalized shake.js
/* common-shake removed: exports.isCapitalized = */ void function(str) {
    return this.isCapitalized(str) || /``|"|'/.test(str.substring(0,2));
    return this.isCapitalized(str);
        if (wordCount < 5 && words[0].length < 6 && this.isCapitalized(words[0])) {
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