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"ESC" for closing cheat sheet is not working when there is "ESC" key specified for the app

See original GitHub issue

Configure hotkey module in a following way: HotkeyModule.forRoot({cheatSheetCloseEsc: true}) and cheat sheet can be closed with the “ESC” and the description is visible: image

When “ESC” key is being added via hotkeysService.add or directive (to work in the web app) cheat sheet “ESC” is not working anymore even though the description is still visible. I suppose the same thing will be with the “SHIFT + ?” combo.

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advorkinacommented, Jun 29, 2018

Hey, so I think I’ve found solution for this problem without any changes in the library. Basically inside of our wrapper service I’m calling when esc event is triggered inside of the wrapper before passing it to the app.

  public hotkeyCallback(ev: KeyboardEvent, combo: string, commands: CommandDetail[]): boolean {
    if (this._isCheatSheetVisible && combo === this.escKey) {;
    // app callbacks

But don’t you think other people might have the same problem as me? Cause I don’t really see that as corner case cause ESC is a pretty used key. What is your plan with options and visible ESC description? Maybe I can help implementing that. Thanks for you help!

wittlockcommented, Jul 7, 2018

I do agree that ESC is a commonly used key. But considering it’s disabled for closing the cheatsheet by default I also feel like it might not be too common to use it for both that and something else in your application. I might be wrong but I haven’t really got the impression there’s a huge demand for being able to bind one hotkey to multiple things.

Overall I’d like my best to keep complexity of the module down and adding multiple callbacks per hotkey feels like complexity that could be avoided and fairly easily worked around for the cases where it’s needed while maintaining the simplicity of the module.

And I think the solution you’ve found is quite good looking and a less complex approach than extending the module.

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