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Failed parsing CASE with includeWhitespace: true

See original GitHub issue

Thank you for this library! I noticed I get a null reference fault here:

namespace Tests
   public class ParseSelect
        public void Parse_TypicalStoredProc()
            const string sql = @"SELECT DISTINCT ISNULL((
                           CASE 1
                               WHEN 2
                                   THEN 2
                               ELSE 3
                           ), '') AS F

            List<TSQLStatement> statements = TSQLStatementReader.ParseStatements(sql, 
              useQuotedIdentifiers: false, includeWhitespace: true);


stack trace

Error Message:
   System.NullReferenceException : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  Stack Trace:
     at TSQL.Expressions.Parsers.TSQLArgumentListParser.Parse(ITSQLTokenizer tokenizer) in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/Expressions/Parsers/TSQLArgumentListParser.cs:line 39
   at TSQL.Expressions.Parsers.TSQLValueExpressionParser.ParseNext(ITSQLTokenizer tokenizer) in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/Expressions/Parsers/TSQLValueExpressionParser.cs:line 286
   at TSQL.Expressions.Parsers.TSQLSelectExpressionParser.ParseNext(ITSQLTokenizer tokenizer) in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/Expressions/Parsers/TSQLSelectExpressionParser.cs:line 66
   at TSQL.Expressions.Parsers.TSQLSelectExpressionParser.Parse(ITSQLTokenizer tokenizer) in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/Expressions/Parsers/TSQLSelectExpressionParser.cs:line 15
   at TSQL.Elements.Parsers.TSQLSelectColumnParser.Parse(ITSQLTokenizer tokenizer) in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/Elements/Parsers/TSQLSelectColumnParser.cs:line 20
   at TSQL.Clauses.Parsers.TSQLSelectClauseParser.Parse(ITSQLTokenizer tokenizer) in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/Clauses/Parsers/TSQLSelectClauseParser.cs:line 173
   at TSQL.Statements.Parsers.TSQLSelectStatementParser.Parse() in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/Statements/Parsers/TSQLSelectStatementParser.cs:line 50
   at TSQL.Statements.Parsers.TSQLSelectStatementParser.TSQL.Statements.Parsers.ITSQLStatementParser.Parse() in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/Statements/Parsers/TSQLSelectStatementParser.cs:line 170
   at TSQL.TSQLStatementReader.MoveNext() in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQLStatementReader.cs:line 89
   at System.Collections.Generic.List`1..ctor(IEnumerable`1 collection)
   at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToList[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source)
   at TSQL.TSQLStatementReader.ParseStatements(String tsqlText, Boolean useQuotedIdentifiers, Boolean includeWhitespace) in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQL_Parser/TSQLStatementReader.cs:line 110
   at Tests.ParseLoanMarket.Parse_TypicalStoredProc() in /Users/chui.tey/toyapps/tsql-parser/TSQL_Parser/Tests/ParseLoanMarket.cs:line 61

Incidentally, would you accept a PR to convert this to netstandard20 classlib and netcore60 test project?

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  • Created 8 months ago
  • Comments:11 (6 by maintainers)

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bruce-dunwiddiecommented, Feb 2, 2023

I’d be interested in helping towards your use case. I also find code generation and such interesting. Recreating OUTER APPLY subqueries with current day EF generation should be doable. Let me know if you get stuck.

bruce-dunwiddiecommented, Feb 5, 2023

I’m not sure I follow how that would solve the problems. It’s not that I worry about the token handling themselves, it’s more about making sure the cursor stays where we expect it, while not dropping any tokens along the way, as they get passed through all the recursion levels.

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