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treating sampler types like lists via command line?

See original GitHub issue

just another suggestion… interesting testing with same prompt + seed with different sampler types led to a thought that having the option for ‘each’, or ‘series’ (ddim+plms), or ‘random’ options on --sampler-type might come in handy…

not sure what syntax would be consistent with command line options but maybe using {} or _option_ as per prompt syntaxes might work e.g.: _each_ = do 1 each of sampler types available (currently 10, thereby creating ten images) _random_ = choose 1 sampler randomly ‘+ syntax’ for ‘series’ thereby “–sampler-type ddim + plms + k_huen” = step through sampler series list thereby creating three images or maybe [] easier to parse, e.g. --sampler-type [ddim plms k_huen]

not sure, leave as whether a sensible/useful idea, and implementation details, for you to decide 😃

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  • Created a year ago
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brycedrennancommented, Oct 25, 2022

This sounds like a more advanced use case then I’d want to support at the command line. I’d suggest just moving to the python interface at that point.

Untested code but you get the idea:

from imaginairy import ImaginePrompt, imagine_image_files
from imaginairy.samplers.base import SAMPLER_TYPE_OPTIONS

def main():
  prompt_text = "a dolphin"
  prompts = []
  for sampler_type in SAMPLER_TYPE_OPTIONS:
      prompt = ImaginePrompt(
          prompt_text, width=512, height=512, steps=20, seed=1, sampler_type=sampler_type
  imagine_image_files(prompts, outdir="output")

if __name__ == "__main__":
brycedrennancommented, Oct 25, 2022

yeah no worries - thanks for all the great feedback

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