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Maybe this is obvious, but I need to install apache for the web interface to work, right? I’ve followed the readme steps and I get nothing from localhost:8080.

After installing Apache, I get:

root@raspberrypi:~/silvia-pi# ./
Starting Scheduler thread...
Starting PID thread...
Starting HE Control thread...
Starting REST Server thread...
Starting Watchdog...
./ RuntimeWarning: This channel is already in use, continuing anyway.  Use GPIO.setwarnings(False) to disable warnings.
  GPIO.setup(conf.he_pin, GPIO.OUT)
Bottle v0.13-dev server starting up (using CherootServer())...
Listening on
Hit Ctrl-C to quit.

and then it exits back to the command line and still nothing on localhost:8080. Am I missing some steps?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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frequency17commented, Feb 3, 2021

Everything came back alive except for the PID.

For subsequent readers, I the code should be: print(p.is_alive()) print(h.is_alive()) print(r.is_alive()) print(s.is_alive())

frequency17commented, Feb 3, 2021

And actually having the PID not hooked up is why this was exiting. The while line is: while p.is_alive() and h.is_alive() and r.is_alive() and s.is_alive():

When i removed the p.is_alive(), the page loaded. Thanks for the help troubleshooting!

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