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Search returns quite small number of results for Multiple Word Queries

See original GitHub issue

Hello again Mr. Stoilov.

I am stuck in yet another issue involving the function in starting from Line 368. I have tried with both branches, the master branch as well as the board-section-refactor branch.

Single Word Query boards_query_result ='boards', query='hello')

returns 250 boards, which is all good. The result is the same as the one returned by the UI.[]=hello|typed

But in case of double word query:

Double Word Query boards_query_result ='boards', query='hello world')

returns only 23 boards. Whereas, the expected results should have been: world&rs=typed&term_meta[]=hello|typed&term_meta[]=world|typed

Any idea what might be the issue here? Or what might I be doing wrong this time 😄

Cheers and as always your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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bstoilovcommented, Nov 19, 2019

The issue was in my logic for escaping the multi word queries…

this line query = "%20".join(terms) breaks two things:

  • the bookmark key becomes ‘word1%20word2’ and the next bookmark is never loaded, this means that even if there were more results they would never be retrieved
  • the query parameter in the options object send to pinterest should be “word1 word2” and not “word1%20word2” and this was making it being treated a a single word.

I am addressing this in thei PR:

Can you also check if I missed something?

bstoilovcommented, Nov 19, 2019

Great I will merge the PR then, glad to be of help

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