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[0.3.3] Started producing SVG without width, height and viewBox

See original GitHub issue

Hi @btel ,

due to my rendering regression tests in xiangqi-setup I noticed that things broke when trying to upgrade to svgutils 0.3.3. What happens is that the width, height, and viewBox parameters are no longer included in the written SVG file. Here’s what that looks like in Inkscape: The dotted line is where the viewbox was with svgutils 0.3.2, the solid frame is where the new defacto viewbox is:


Here’s a diff of before and after, with regard to the SVG output.

--- tests/actual-board-a4_blank_2cm_margin_BEFORE.svg   2021-02-10 11:22:04.300605915 +0100
+++ tests/actual-board-a4_blank_2cm_margin_AFTER.svg    2021-02-10 11:21:49.446494230 +0100
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='ASCII' standalone='yes'?>
-<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" version="1.1" width="248.03149580999997px" viewBox="0 0 248.03149580999997 350.78740120838086" height="350.78740120838086px">
+<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" version="1.1">
     <g transform="translate(0, 0) scale(0.33333333299287476 0.33333333299287476) "><defs id="defs4"/>
   <sodipodi:namedview xmlns:sodipodi="" xmlns:inkscape="" id="base" pagecolor="#ffffff" bordercolor="#666666" borderopacity="1.0" inkscape:pageopacity="0.0" inkscape:pageshadow="2" inkscape:zoom="0.7" inkscape:cx="359.38222" inkscape:cy="512.51453" inkscape:document-units="px" inkscape:current-layer="layer1" showgrid="false" inkscape:window-width="1920" inkscape:window-height="1024" inkscape:window-x="0" inkscape:window-y="0" inkscape:window-maximized="1"/>

I have a feeling that #58 is causing this: .width and .height (with no underscores) are no longer set? Is that a bug or a feature? How can I make svgutils 0.3.3 put width, height and viewBox into SVG output again?

Thanks and best, Sebastian

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

hartworkcommented, Feb 10, 2021

Awesome! I confirm that my regression tests are happy green with 0.3.4 now as well.

btelcommented, Feb 10, 2021

i just released v0.3.4 with your fix, thanks for reporting/fixing

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