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EXCEPTION: Attempt to use a dehydrated detector

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I’m currently using angular2-grid and when I move some of my items, I sometime have the error EXCEPTION: Attempt to use a dehydrated detector: DeviceDetails_2 -> itemChange coming.

This is the html part of my code concerning the display of the items:

<div class="row gray-bg" [ngGrid]="gridConfig">
    <div *ngFor='#widget of widgets; #i = index' [ngGridItem]="getGridInfo(widget)"
         (dragStop)="updateWidgets(i, $event)">
                <graph-widget [currentWidget]="widget"></graph-widget>
                <text-widget [currentWidget]="widget"></text-widget>

As you can see, I’m using dragStop to propagate the event and launch the following method:

    updateWidgets(i: number, pos: { col: number, row: number, sizex: number, sizey: number }) {
        var gridData = {col: pos.col, row: pos.row, sizex: pos.sizex, sizey: pos.sizey};
        var widgets = _.cloneDeep(this.widgets);
        if (this.isBreakpoint('sm') || this.isBreakpoint('xs')) {widgets[i] = gridData}
        else if (this.isBreakpoint('md')) {widgets[i] = gridData}
        else if (this.isBreakpoint('lg')) {widgets[i].reducedWidget.gridInfo.lg = gridData}

but the error mentions itemChange, why is that? The issue is certainly coming from the this.updated.emit(widgets); because when I comment that line of code, I don’t have any issue anymore. But, I need it to send my new widgets (which contains the position of each widget. to my store (I’m using redux).

Do you know what is a dehydrated detector exactly? And I can I deal with this issue? Any help would be really appreciated, thank you in advance!

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LPalmitocommented, Apr 12, 2016

Actually I’ve made a wrong copy and paste you’re right, I’ve updated my comment in case someone is using the code I’ve written. In my real project I’m sending widgets to a reducer, which is in charge to update the this.widgets object. What can I say, I was tired when I copied and pasted it 😛 hahaha!

More seriously, I’ve an other issue I wanted to show you (the one I was talking about at the beginning actually!): Try that to reproduce it:

  • drag widget 1 below widget 2
  • use the reload button

The positions are reloaded appropriately, but the EXCEPTION: Attempt to use a dehydrated detector appears in the console logs. Do you see a way how I could reload the original positions without having this error?

BTMortoncommented, Apr 14, 2016

OK, scratch that. It looks like it’s because the event emitter is async and removing all the items at once causes a headache. The solution is just to use synchronous events for itemChange. It’s not ideal, I guess but it’ll fix it!

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