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Rewrite & Refactor using TDD

See original GitHub issue

Over the next few weeks/months I’m going to be doing a rewrite of the library using TDD so there are some actual worthwhile tests. I’m also going to refactor a lot of the code to make it easier to add new features, such as having a component version (#86) and dragging between multiple grids.

While I will try to keep the current functionality the same, there will be some changes, such as moving to a new cascade algorithm similar to how the limit_to_screen works (#87). I will try to keep this issue updated with my progress, any design decisions, and new functionality.

At the end of this rework, there will be a major change update due to the scope of the work involved and the likelihood of there being a breaking change.

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BTMortoncommented, Mar 5, 2017

I will try to, yeah. I’m not the best when it comes to writing comments so don’t expect miracles 😛, but I’ll try to have something written up, and make it more contributor friendly in general.

haakotsmcommented, May 26, 2017

Will you possibly be looking at boxes resizing when you drop another box on top of it? #87, will this look to fill the entire grid, or will it stick to the box sizes you’ve set?

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