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Need Help - Store not stored in localstorage

See original GitHub issue

Dear Devs, please help me. Perhaps you see directly what i am doing wrong. I cannot store the state and I can’t find it in the localstorage.

I added this to my app.module.ts -> BTW: I had to replace IState with any to not getting an error.

import {StoreModule, ActionReducerMap, ActionReducer, MetaReducer} from '@ngrx/store';
import {localStorageSync} from 'ngrx-store-localstorage';
import {languageReducer} from "./store/reducers/language";

const reducers: ActionReducerMap<any> = {languageReducer};

export function localStorageSyncReducer(reducer: ActionReducer<any>): ActionReducer<any> {
    return localStorageSync({keys: ['language'], rehydrate: true})(reducer);

const metaReducers: Array<MetaReducer<any, any>> = [localStorageSyncReducer];

    declarations: [
    exports: [],
    imports: [
    providers: [],
    bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {

// Action

import {Injectable} from '@angular/core'
import {Action} from '@ngrx/store'
import {Language} from "../interfaces/language";

export const ADD_LANGUAGE = '[LANGUAGE] Add';

export class AddLanguage implements Action {
    readonly type = ADD_LANGUAGE;
    constructor(public payload: Language) {

export type Actions = AddLanguage

// Reducer

import {Action} from '@ngrx/store'
import {Language} from "../interfaces/language";
import * as LanguageActions from './../actions/language'

const initialState: Language = {
    id: 0,
    language: 'No Language Selected',
    tag: 'no-LG',
    country: 'Nolang'

export function languageReducer(state: Language = initialState, action: LanguageActions.Actions) {
    switch (action.type) {
        case LanguageActions.ADD_LANGUAGE:
            console.log(action.payload); -> is working
            return action.payload;
            return state;

// In component

    constructor(private store: Store<AppState>) {
        store.pipe( select((state:any) => state.language) )
            .subscribe( (language) => { this.language$ = language; console.log(language) } );

    onSelect(language) {
            new LanguageActions.AddLanguage({
                tag: language.tag,
                language: language.language,

// This is an image of local storage after dispatching the action bildschirmfoto 2018-10-19 um 12 30 09

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

pilz97commented, Dec 13, 2018

Hi @msprogramando,

I got it to work finally! 😃

`const reducers: ActionReducerMap<AppState> = { settingsState: settingsReducer };

export function localStorageSyncReducer(reducer: ActionReducer<AppState>): ActionReducer<AppState> { return localStorageSync({ keys: [‘settingsState’], rehydrate: true })(reducer); } const metaReducers: MetaReducer<AppState, Action>[] = [localStorageSyncReducer];`

and in the imports it looks like: StoreModule.forFeature('settings', reducers, { metaReducers }),

will-hu-0commented, Nov 22, 2021

I got the same issue when using nx.

My app structure is like:

// Entry, no real business code inside
// Business code models  

I got it to work finally by moving ngrx root, etc from apps main model to libs/myApp.

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