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rehydrate: true option gives error

See original GitHub issue

Operating System: Manjaro Linux 17.0.5 Kernel: 4.9.51-1-MANJARO Node: 8.5.0 NPM: 5.4.2 Browser: Chromium 61.0.3163.91 Angular: 4.4.3 ngrx/store: 4.0.3 ngrx-store-localstorage: 0.2.2 zone.js: 0.8.17

My app works fine, but when I add the rehydrate: true option, I get the error below when I try to refresh the page after I’ve logged in. I can provide more code or information if required.

Sample reducer

import * as OrganizationActions from '../actions/organization';

const initialState = '';

export function reducer(state: string = initialState, action: OrganizationActions.Actions): string {
  switch (action.type) {
    case OrganizationActions.ActionTypes.SET_ORGANIZATION:
      return action.payload;
      return state;

Sample action

import { Action } from '@ngrx/store';

export const ActionTypes = {

export class SetOrganizationAction implements Action {
  readonly type = ActionTypes.SET_ORGANIZATION;
  constructor(public payload: string) { }

export type Actions = SetOrganizationAction;

Main reducer file

import * as Assessment from '../reducers/assessment';
import * as Organization from '../reducers/organization';
import * as Person from '../reducers/person';
import * as Team from '../reducers/team';
import * as Token from '../reducers/token';

import { ActionReducer, ActionReducerMap, MetaReducer } from '@ngrx/store';

import { State } from './../../models/state';
import { localStorageSync } from 'ngrx-store-localstorage';

export const appReducers: ActionReducerMap<State> = {
  token: Token.reducer,
  organization: Organization.reducer,
  team: Team.reducer,
  person: Person.reducer,
  assessment: Assessment.reducer

const localStorageSyncReducer = localStorageSync({
  keys: ['token', 'organization', 'team', 'person', 'assessment'],
  rehydrate: true

export function localStorageSyncMetaReducer(reducer: ActionReducer<any>): ActionReducer<any> {
  return localStorageSyncReducer(reducer);

export const metaReducers: MetaReducer<any>[] = [localStorageSyncMetaReducer];


Unhandled Promise rejection: Unexpected token c in JSON at position 0 ; Zone: <root> ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: SyntaxError: Unexpected token c in JSON at position 0
    at Object.parse (<anonymous>)
    at vendor.bundle.js:10876
    at Array.reduce (<anonymous>)
    at Object.webpackJsonp.../../../../ngrx-store-localstorage/dist/index.js.exports.rehydrateApplicationState (vendor.bundle.js:10835)
    at vendor.bundle.js:10961
    at localStorageSyncMetaReducer (main.bundle.js:3238)
    at vendor.bundle.js:7072
    at Array.reduceRight (<anonymous>)
    at vendor.bundle.js:7072
    at new ReducerManager (vendor.bundle.js:7170) SyntaxError: Unexpected token c in JSON at position 0
    at Object.parse (<anonymous>)
    at http://localhost:4200/vendor.bundle.js:10876:28
    at Array.reduce (<anonymous>)
    at Object.webpackJsonp.../../../../ngrx-store-localstorage/dist/index.js.exports.rehydrateApplicationState (http://localhost:4200/vendor.bundle.js:10835:17)
    at http://localhost:4200/vendor.bundle.js:10961:54
    at localStorageSyncMetaReducer (http://localhost:4200/main.bundle.js:3238:12)
    at http://localhost:4200/vendor.bundle.js:7072:66
    at Array.reduceRight (<anonymous>)
    at http://localhost:4200/vendor.bundle.js:7072:21
    at new ReducerManager (http://localhost:4200/vendor.bundle.js:7170:39)

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ernestomancebocommented, Oct 9, 2017

I’m taking a look into this

btronconecommented, Oct 10, 2017

Publishing a new release now 👍

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