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Generating a Blank Image in Safari Browser

See original GitHub issue

This package is generating a blank image in the Safari browser but it’s working good in Chrome and Firefox

Expected Behavior

It should work as good in Safari as well, as it is working on Chrome and Firefox

Current Behavior

Generating a blank image in Safari

Your Environment

  • html-to-image: 1.9.0
  • OS: Big SUR (M1 Macbook)
  • Browser: Safari 14.1.2


  const onSaveClick = async () => {
    try {
      const avatar = document.querySelector("#avatar") as HTMLElement;
      const image = document.querySelector(".traitLayer") as HTMLElement;
      if (avatar === null) {
      const imageConfig = {
        cacheBust: true, pixelRatio: 1, height: image.clientHeight, quality: 0.98,
        width: image.clientWidth, canvasWidth: 3000, canvasHeight: 3000,
      const dataUrl = await toPng(avatar, imageConfig)
      const link = document.createElement('a') = 'Avatar.png'
      link.href = dataUrl

    }  catch (err: any) {
      // Nothing here

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Reactions:8
  • Comments:19 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

hlmartincommented, Feb 23, 2022

Building off what @vince760 and @GeekyADAMS posted, I came up with this solution which will check the top left and bottom right pixels and retry until they differ. Obviously, this works best when the image you are rendering doesn’t have solid colours around the outside, however if you adjust the max attempts you might be able to catch this without wasting too much time.

function safariDownload(attempts) {
  const element = document.getElementById('Element you are wanting to download');
  htmlToImage.toCanvas(element).then(function(canvas) {
    const context = canvas.getContext('2d');
    const imageData = context.getImageData(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height);
    if (!pixelsAreEqual(imageData) || attempts >= 10) { = *Give your canvas an ID*;
    canvasToImage('Name of the canvas ID you assigned on', {
       name: `Name you want given to the image hen downloaded`,
       type: 'png',
       quality: 1,
    } else {
      console.log(`Trying Safari rendering again (attempt #${attempts + 1})...`);
      setTimeout(() => (safariDownload(card, options, attempts + 1)), 1000);

function pixelsAreEqual(imageData) {
  const len =;
  const topLeftPixelRgba = [[0],[1],[2],[3]];
  const bottomRightPixelRgba = [[len - 4],[len - 3],[len - 2],[len - 1]];
  return (topLeftPixelRgba.every((v,i)=> v === bottomRightPixelRgba[i]));
branlokcommented, Oct 13, 2021

For me as well, both Firefox and Safari was behaving differently from from expected behaviour in Chrome. The snapshot I try to create would not include the background images of a div whether they are local or external image URL. However, when I manually use the equivalent of your onSaveClick the second time, it would correctly generate my target div with the expected background images.

I tested with duplicating this bit of code, discarding the first generation, and take the second. This workaround actually fixes Firefox. However, Safari seems to still be the same.

      const imgBase64_dump = await toPng(captureRef.current, {
        quality: 0.01,
        pixelRatio: 1,
        height: captureRef.current.scrollHeight,
        canvasWidth: captureRef.current.scrollWidth,
        canvasHeight: captureRef.current.scrollHeight,

      const imgBase64_again = await toPng(captureRef.current, {
        quality: 1,
        pixelRatio: 1,
        height: captureRef.current.scrollHeight,
        canvasWidth: captureRef.current.scrollWidth * 2,
        canvasHeight: captureRef.current.scrollHeight * 2,

      download(imgBase64_again, "generated.png", "image/png");

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