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Hello, I am using bucket4j with Redis:


When I configure a bucket with the following bandwidths:

Bandwidth.classic(4, Refill.intervally(4, Duration.ofMinutes(20)))
Bandwidth.classic(10, Refill.intervally(10, Duration.ofMinutes(60)))

and consume 1 token multiple times using the verbose API:

VerboseResult<ConsumptionProbe> verboseResult = bucket.asVerbose().tryConsumeAndReturnRemaining(1);

I get incorrect results reported by the getAvailableTokensPerEachBandwidth() method as shown bellow:

First consumption (the bucket is created and stored in Redis for the first time):

verboseResult.getValue().getRemainingTokens() -> 3
verboseResult.getDiagnostics().getAvailableTokensPerEachBandwidth() -> [3, 9]

Second consumption:

verboseResult.getValue().getRemainingTokens() -> 2
verboseResult.getDiagnostics().getAvailableTokensPerEachBandwidth() -> [3, 9]

Third consumption:

verboseResult.getValue().getRemainingTokens() -> 1
verboseResult.getDiagnostics().getAvailableTokensPerEachBandwidth() -> [2, 8]

Fourth consumption:

verboseResult.getValue().getRemainingTokens() -> 0
verboseResult.getDiagnostics().getAvailableTokensPerEachBandwidth() -> [1, 7]

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:8

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

vladimir-bukhtoyarovcommented, Jul 25, 2022

The problem was in inacurate implementation of VerboseCommand, it was not working correctly when implementation of MutableBucketEntry does not cache the result of get/set in memory, it is at least all JCache and similar integrations like Hazelcast/Ignite/Coherence.

Has been fixed by commit Will be released at weekend with version 8.0.1, maybe faster, it depends from progress on

vladimir-bukhtoyarovcommented, Jul 31, 2022

Fix has been included to release 8.0.1 Also, groupId has been changed from com.github.vladimir-bukhtoyarov to com.bucket4j.

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