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Question: how do i publish a package

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I have a group on and my verdaccio is configured but i got a access denied when trying to publish a package.

This is my configuration:

        # scoped packages
        access: $authenticated
        publish: $authenticated
        proxy: npmjs
        gitlab: true

        access: $authenticated
        publish: $authenticated
        proxy: npmjs
        gitlab: true

I successfully logged in with npm adduser --registry <url-here> after that i changed my package name to @GroupName/package-name but when i want to publish it to the registry i got a access denied. user username is not allowed to publish package @GroupName/package-name : @GroupName/package-name


 debug--- [gitlab] user found in cache: username authenticated, with groups: username,GroupName
 debug--- [gitlab] user: username denied from publishing package: @GroupName/package-name

So the question is what do i wrong? or is this kind of a bug? also my group name is case sensitive maybe thats the problemen same of the username authentication?

Hope you guys have some ideas 😉

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

dlouzancommented, Jul 23, 2018

Mmm nope, false alarm on my side. I was able to push, with a mix of uppercase / lowercase. Just be sure, I used user as name and GroupName as group. Then I modified my local package.json to use the group and tried to publish, no issues (don’t mind the extra log messages, I modified them a bit in my local env):

 info <-- requested 'PUT /@GroupName%2fverdaccio-gitlab'
 trace--- [gitlab] authenticate called for user: user
 debug--- [gitlab] user: user found in cache, authenticated with groups: user,GroupName
 trace--- [gitlab] publish: checking group: user for user: user and package: @GroupName/verdaccio-gitlab
 trace--- [gitlab] publish: checking group: GroupName for user: user and package: @GroupName/verdaccio-gitlab
 debug--- [gitlab] user: user allowed to publish package: @GroupName/verdaccio-gitlab as owner of package-scope
 info --> making request: 'GET'
 http --> 404, req: 'GET' (streaming)
 http --> 404, req: 'GET', bytes: 0/21
 http <-- 201, user: user(, req: 'PUT /@GroupName%2fverdaccio-gitlab', bytes: 23945/53
LennardWesterveldcommented, Jul 23, 2018

Found the problem! my Kubernetes setup resolves the variables in the config file (ConfigMap). Sorry for that, thanks for checking @dlouzan!, the issue with the username still stands btw but thats already mentioned in #20.

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