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Mitosis JSX types are not properly mapped

See original GitHub issue

Originally from

For this input:

import { HTMLAttributes } from "react";

export const headingSizes = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6];

export interface HeadingProps extends HTMLAttributes<HTMLHeadingElement> {
  size: typeof headingSizes[number];

export default function Heading(props: HeadingProps) {
  return <div />

the output does not preserve the import { HTMLAttributes } from "react"; import

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

PatrickJScommented, Jun 8, 2022

I saw @kylecordes use this. can we update the imports to remove the need for dist/src

import '';
samijabercommented, Dec 21, 2022

Thanks @R-Bower, that’s informative. You’re right, we need a way to map the Mitosis JSX types to the correct framework types, or folks will run into many type-related issues.

There is definitely a way to transform the import to that of React’s JSX types, it will look something like this:

Step 1 - Identify every place where the JSX types are used

in the JSX parser, we will need to update the logic that parses import declarations here:

such that: if we see a JSX import coming from or, we want to store that import (currently we ignore all mitosis imports). Might be good to normalize all possible variations (regular import, type import, import from different paths) into 1 single variant: import type { JSX } from '';

We will also need to

Step 2 - transform imports

This might be the best place to make such a change:

This import transform code will run for both mitosis components (.lite.tsx) and plain JS/TS files. If will want to replace the normalized import type { JSX } from ''; import statement to whatever makes sense for each given framework. For React, It will be easiest to convert the import to:

type JSX  = React;

This will avoid the need to replace every JSX.* within the code with React.. This assumes that import React from 'react'; already exists somewhere in the code (which it does as we always add it to react generators). But if it somehow doesn’t, we could add a check and add it ourselves.

The solution will be different for each framework, but should roughly follow this same pattern of changes.

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