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Mitosis react-like textarea syntax does not work in angular

See original GitHub issue

I am interested in helping provide a fix!


Which generators are impacted?

  • All
  • Angular
  • HTML
  • Qwik
  • React
  • React-Native
  • Solid
  • Stencil
  • Svelte
  • Vue
  • Web components

Reproduction case

Expected Behaviour

When using the react-like syntax to set the value of a textarea e.g

<textarea value='test' />

Mitosis converts this into the following angular code

<textarea value="test"></textarea>

Instead mitosis should convert this into one of the following syntaxes which works in angular.

<textarea [value]="'test'"></textarea>
<textarea [(ngModel)]="name"></textarea>

Actual Behaviour

<textarea value="test"></textarea>

does not show “test” inside the textarea in angular.

Additional Information

See stackblitz,src%2Fapp%2Fapp.component.ts

Issue Analytics

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

chadalencommented, Nov 4, 2022

Confused why this doesn’t work in Angular. Can you link to Angular docs that explain? isn’t <textarea value="test"></textarea> valid HTML?

From what I see in regular html the text goes between the opening and closing textarea tag. That tag doesn’t have a “value” attribute like input does.

  Content of the textarea.
</textarea> “The textarea element in React is slightly different from ordinary HTML” “In HTML the value of a textarea was the text between the start tag <textarea> and the end tag </textarea>”

I did link a stackblitz that shows the problem. Though if you use property binding in angular with the value attribute it does work…

<textarea [value]="'test'"></textarea>

I’ll look around see if I can find any better docs though.

samijabercommented, Nov 8, 2022

Ok, we’d need to put together a list of how each framework handles textarea values to best decide what to do:

Once this list is complete we can figure out the best thing to do.

It does seem like textarea’s value is a special case in almost all modern web frameworks, so it might make the most sense to allow a value field in Mitosis types, and make sure to give it a special mapping in each framework as expected.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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