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Preserve Typescript types in output

See original GitHub issue

Hello not sure if I’m understanding well the purpose of this library but when I create a component like:

export type ButtonProps = {
  name: string;

export default function Button(props: ButtonProps) {
  return <button>{}</button>;

The result is:

export default function Button(props) {
  return <button>{}</button>;


import { Component, Input } from "@angular/core";

  selector: "button",
  template: `
export default class Button {
  @Input() name: any;

If I want to use mitosis to create my own components library, how I can get the types of my components to be able to expose them?

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  • Created a year ago
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decadef20commented, May 25, 2022

@decadef20 That would be great! This is a critical and complex feature, so if you do take it on, please reach out with any questions as you build it out, so we can make sure you’re approaching it the same way we are envisioning it and not waste your time rewriting a lot of code. We’re here to help 👍🏽

OK。At first,I plan to implement it on react framework. Make sure what I build out is as expected.

PatrickJScommented, Jun 7, 2022

@samijaber can you publish for @originswift-sys

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