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GTM does not report history change events

See original GitHub issue


I’m trying to use the GTM via Partytown in Next.js. I have successfully loaded the scripts and got GTM to send the initial collect request, but it does not report page_view events after changing routes.

When testing the same setup without Partytown the collect requests get sent properly.

Behaviour when loading GTM normally:

Behaviour when loading GTM via Partytown:

Expected behaviour

GTM loaded via Partytown detects route changes and sends appropriate collect requests.

How to reproduce

Link to reproduction repo:

  • The main branch contains pure Next.js setup with GTM. Paste your GTM measurement ID in the .env file.
  • The partytown branch contains GTM loaded via Partytown.

When running each version, you can check the network tab in devtools for outgoing collect requests.

GTM setup GTM is connected with GA4 using the standard Tag.


GA4 web stream has enabled enhanced measurement with the “Page changes based on browser history events” enabled.



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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

slawekkolodziejcommented, May 4, 2022

I spent some more time on this. Now I see that the problem is caused by history.pushState & history.replaceState not being called inside worker.

I added some more logic to Partytown’s internal LocationUpdate message handler. Now it detects how location has changed (either pushState, replaceState, pop state, etc). When needed it calls pushState or replaceState inside worker.

I already have a POC next.js app with proper history tracking 🎉

I will try to wrap it up and create MR sometime this week. There’s one ugly workaround in my code I would like to fix first.

khuezycommented, Jun 19, 2022

I found the problem, I had to put the gtag on the window object (eg: window.gtag = function() {dataLayer.push(arguments)} Then in _document where I’m setting the partown-config:

forward: ["gtag"]

Now partytown properly forwards gtag() calls to the worker.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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