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Automatic in-place override without caching for targeted module or all modules

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I was considering peru for my project. It seem pretty nice. However, I couldn’t find any quick way to get a subset of modules described in the *.yaml file cloned directly to their target location with their *.git (or *.hg) sub folder so that I can interract with them.

I saw there is an override command but one has to clone his git / hg repository in a separate step. This separate step seems superfluous most of the time as the url mentioned in the *.yaml is exactly where I want to clone/pull/push from.

As a first step, it seem to me that it would greatly help if I could simply do peru override add --all and have real clone put at their respective target locations using original url for every module listed in the *.yaml file (hg, git, svn, etc; only the simple cases where there are no complicated rules).

As a second step, it would be nice to be able to add modules to groups so that the override command could target one or many groups (e.g.: peru override add --group mygroup).

It could also be nice to have a way to force using override from the *.yaml file systematically.

With these options, one can develop a package and its dependencies under the same working directory and have all syncing deferred to peru (sync would stop on error).

Would there be any difficulties implementing theses enhancements?

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  • Created 9 years ago
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testing-in-chromecommented, Feb 8, 2017

Even if it was purposely designed to be that way, I think a lot of developers (me included) would appreciate if peru supports checking out sub repos in-place in a way that enables us to contribute to the main and sub repos simultaneously. It’s much more convenient and productive.

I honestly think this issue should be reopened so that it remains on the radar. It would be great if peru supports both workflows, and then developers can choose what suits them best.

oconnor663commented, Feb 7, 2017

Yes, we had a little bit of experience with gclient and git submodules when we designed peru, and the differences in the design are on purpose.

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