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How to hide the vertical scroll bar when maxRows is defined

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Long Story Short

I’m trying to hide the vertical scroll bar when the number of lines exceeds maxRows. For example I have foo\nbar in the textarea and maxRows is set to 1. To do so I pass overflow: "hidden" to the style attribute of the component. Apparently this attribute in particular is ignored. I tried also overflowY: "hidden" without success.

Expected Behavior

The style attribute overrides also the overflow* attributes.

Actual Behavior

The component ignores the specified overflow* style attributes.

Use Case

I’m building a component that is a one-line field. When it gets focus, I want this component to expand to its full size. When I leave, I want this component to get back to one-line only [edit] without a scroll bar.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

FrancescoCioriacommented, Oct 11, 2017

So basically, as you already said, overflow-x: hidden and overflow-y: scroll are enforced by autosize which also removes any overflow style.

The problem here is that overflow-y: scroll is needed by autosize to work correctly so it would be too risky to mess with it…

The easiest solution for you would be to programmatically add a class overflow-hidden-important when you set maxRows={1} and then, in the CSS, set .overflow-hidden-important { overflow: hidden !important }.

cectoncommented, Oct 11, 2017

Thanks! I think this will do the trick. Too bad there isn’t a cleaner way…

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