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How to detect the encoding of the loaded file before displaying data ?

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Hi !

I had a problem for displaying special characters with CVSReader due to csv files which were encoded as ISO-8859-1 instead of utf-8 (ex : Pyr�n�es-Atlantiques )

By adding :

    encoding: "ISO-8859-1",

in my code it’s working, the browser can now read special characters without problems. But the new problem is when loading a file encoded in utf-8, the characters are not displayed properly (ex : Pyrénées-Atlantiques )

My problem is that I am working with clients who do not use the same encoding for their csv files. Some clients use “utf-8”, others use “ISO-8859-1”. And I can not know in advance what will be the encoding of the file used.

Here is my code :

let changeEncoding = false 
   const  handleOnFileLoad = (data) => { => {
      if ( => element.includes("�"))) {
        changeEncoding = true
    if (changeEncoding) {
      alert("Some characters of your file will not display properly. Please load again yout file.")
    } else {
    data = data.slice(1)
    const enrollFieldArray = {}
    enrollFieldArray["data"] = =>

I use redux and the “encoding” variable is in the state with this default value :

encoding: {encoding: "UTF-8"}

With this solution, the client must load the file a first time to update the state with the correct value of “encoding”, and load the file a second time to display data with the correct encoding.

Is there a native CSVReader’s method that allows you to detect the encoding of the loaded file before displaying the data ?

Thank you very much for your help


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exaucaecommented, Sep 7, 2021

I may send a pull request in the coming weeks!

exaucaecommented, Oct 14, 2021

@andirkh ,thanks for the bump. Pull request is #100. Feedbacks welcomed!

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