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Execute a psql script within a Python script

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I would like to Insert JAX into the ‘team’ table inside the nfldb-update script i.e. psql -U nfldb -f C:\Python27\Insert_JAX.sql where Insert_JAX.sql is INSERT into team values('JAX','Jacksonville', 'Jaguars') Is this possible? And could someone help me with the correct syntax to do this?

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  • Created 7 years ago
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andr3w321commented, Feb 11, 2017

Yep that should work. Remember to close the cursor and connection when you’re done with


I would also recommend moving the password into a .pgpass file(google it for configuration) for easier access and more security so you don’t litter your scripts with your db pass. Your connection string will then become conn = psycopg2.connect("host=localhost dbname=nfldb user=nfldb") You can query with

week = 5
cur.execute("""SELECT * FROM game WHERE week = %s LIMIT 5;""",(week,))
print cur.fetchall()
mrg1999commented, Feb 16, 2017

@andr3w321 seems to be closing the cursor and connection on its own. I get an error that they are already closed so I left it out. My authentication method is set to trust in the pg_hba.conf file so no password is needed. Currently my program downloads the stats of every game in progress every 10 seconds but I think a more efficient way would be to monitor ‘some_file’ for a change in the modified time, indicating a change in a game in progress (score, down, end of quarter, etc.) Just not sure which file would be the best one to monitor.

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