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Suggestions for allowing content editors to center justify a tags content.

See original GitHub issue

Do you have any suggestions for how mobildoc could allow users to center text?


Is there any way text-align: center; can be placed on elements?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:11 (1 by maintainers)

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internalfxcommented, Jun 15, 2018

I have solved this for my users with the following ugly hack…

  toggleAlign: function (type) {
      if (!this.editor.hasCursor()) {

      let activeType = null
      let marker = this.editor.range.head.marker
      let parent = marker.parent
      let head = parent.headPosition()
      let tail = parent.tailPosition()
      let range = head.toRange(tail)

      let alignments = ['div-left', 'div-center', 'div-right', 'div-justify']
      for (let alignment of alignments) {
        if (this.activeMarkupTags.includes(alignment)) {
          activeType = alignment.split('-')[1]

      if (activeType != null) { => {

      if (activeType !== type) { => {
          let markup = editor.builder.createMarkup('div', {style: `text-align: ${type};`})


Which also required these modifications…

import * as tagNames from 'mobiledoc-dom-renderer/dist/commonjs/mobiledoc-dom-renderer/utils/tag-names'
import { VALID_ATTRIBUTES, VALID_MARKUP_TAGNAMES } from 'mobiledoc-kit/dist/commonjs/mobiledoc-kit/models/markup'

tagNames.isValidMarkerType = function () {
  return true



I realize this totally breaks compatibility and portability of mobiledoc, but those were never my reasons for using it.

Thank you for the taking the time to respond.

sdhullcommented, Jul 3, 2018

I finally figured it out! I’ll add it here for posterity (and any other ember.js devs who happen upon this issue): For some reason, ember-mobiledoc-dom-renderer namespaces the mobiledoc-dom-renderer, so the following works to override the isValidMarkerType method:

import * as tagNames from 'ember-mobiledoc-dom-renderer/mobiledoc-dom-renderer/utils/tag-names';

tagNames.isValidMarkerType = function() { return true; }; // for renderer
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