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FallbackComponent not rendering

See original GitHub issue

Relevant code:

function ErrorFallback({ error }) {
		return (
			<div role="alert">
				<p>Something went wrong:</p>
				<pre style={{ color: "red" }}>{error.message}</pre>

	return (
				onReset={() => window.sessionStorage.clear()}
				onError={(error) => {
                            <button onClick={( ) => {throw new Error("Testing with an error")}}>Error thrower</button>

When I click on the button that triggers an error the FallbackComponent doesn’t render, even though the error gets logged(onError recognises it). Am I missing something?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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JaedeokKcommented, Jan 17, 2022

error boundary doesn’t catch error in event handler, if you want catch error in event handler try to use useErrorHandler hook.

GideonMaxcommented, Jul 28, 2022

@JonhnyDev Can you provide the code for the child component that’s throwing the error that doesn’t get caught by the error boundary?

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