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$and with $all and $nin not working

See original GitHub issue

For the known reasons I have tried to switch from fongo to mongo-java-server.

Except for the following case, all tests ran correctly. Here the demo test class to reproduce the problem (find all entities that have a tag “A”, but not a tag “B” or “C” -> expect no entities at all):

public class Issue {

	@Autowired private TestRepository repository;

	public void testTags() throws Exception {
		repository.insert(new TestEntity("ID_1", "A", "B"));
		repository.insert(new TestEntity("ID_2", "A", "C"));

		List<TestEntity> entitiesByTags = repository.findByTags(Arrays.asList("A"), Arrays.asList("B", "C"));
		assertEquals(0, entitiesByTags.size());

	protected static class TestConfiguration {
		public MongoTemplate mongoTemplate(MongoClient mongoClient) {
			return new MongoTemplate(mongoDbFactory(mongoClient));

		public MongoDbFactory mongoDbFactory(MongoClient mongoClient) {
			return new SimpleMongoDbFactory(mongoClient, "test");

		public MongoServer mongoServer() {
			MongoServer mongoServer = new MongoServer(new MemoryBackend());
			return mongoServer;

		public MongoClient mongoClient(MongoServer mongoServer) {
			return new MongoClient(new ServerAddress(mongoServer.getLocalAddress()));
public class TestEntity {
	@Id private String id;
	@Indexed private Set<String> tags = new HashSet<>();
	public TestEntity() {
	public TestEntity(String id, String... tags) { = id;
		this.tags = new HashSet<>(Arrays.asList(tags));
	public String getId() {
		return id;
	public Set<String> getTags() {
		return tags;
public interface TestRepository extends MongoRepository<TestEntity, String> {
	 * @param all
	 * @param nin
	 * @return a list of {@link TestEntity} that contains {@code $all} the specified tags but not the tags specified in {@code $nin}.
	public List<TestEntity> findByTags(Collection<String> all, Collection<String> nin);

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

bwaldvogelcommented, Dec 12, 2018

Fixes are released in version 1.10.0

markbiglercommented, Dec 9, 2018

However, I observe a slightly different behavior on a real MongoDB. It never seems to match for empty lists in $all expressions.

You are absolutely correct, $all:[] never matches an empty list. Sorry about that.

Can you retest?

All tests are green now. Thanks alot! 🎁

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