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[FEATURE] When a nested field has mismatched type print the full path to that nested field

See original GitHub issue


In a complex structure like the following:

  "source_machine": {
    "port": 80
  "dest_machine": {
    "port": "http-port"

If there was an error with another log where dest_machine.port was an integer this would error and simply state something like: Ignoring field with mismatched type: old=(hard,port,NULLABLE,STRING); new=(hard,port,NULLABLE,INTEGER)

At this point you are left to figure out which structure this port column actually exists in. This is a more simple example but as the schema grows and is more complex, this problem is harder to manually resolve.

Ideally, we can track the path to this using a JSON path or dpath expression. Something like dest_machine.port. This will likely take adding an additional argument to the recursive function merge_schema_entry. Something like a base_path=None and continually build up that base_path string in each recursive iteration so that it can be used in the errors like "{}.{}".format(base_path, new_name) and "{}.{}".format(base_path, old_name)

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  • Created 3 years ago
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bxparkscommented, Oct 26, 2020

Oh, I understand your problem, you have 2 port fields, so the line number does not help.

bxparkscommented, Oct 28, 2020

Pushed v1.2 to PyPI.

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