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Other hooks to make

See original GitHub issue

Description of the feature

A list of all Expo features that can be poured into a hook format.


I want to implement as many useful hooks as possible, to make the library/repo complete.

Additional context

Best way to get started on the hooks is copying packages/permissions to packages/<module> and add all necessary files.

Name should match the Expo module’s name, e.g. expo-permissions -> packages/permissions.


  • useApplicationInstallTime(): [date]
  • useApplicationAndroidInstallReferrer(): [partialUrl]
  • useApplicationAndroidLastUpdateTime(): [partialUrl]
  • useApplicationIosIdForVendor(options): [id, getId]



  • useBattery(): PowerState
  • useBatteryLevel({ listen }): [batteryLevel, isAvailable]
  • useBatteryState({ listen }): [batteryState, isAvailable]
  • useBatteryIsLowPowerMode({ listen }): [isLowPowerMode]


  • useBrightness(Options): [brightness, set, get]
  • useSystemBrightness(Options): [brightness, set, get]
  • useSystemBrightnessMode(Options): [mode, set, get]

todo: help update the docs with the new ...Async methods Right now, the brightness mode isn’t documented at all. We need to fix that 😁. There also might be a bug with the brightness amount on Android (OnePlus 6), it’s returning 4.011 quite often for the brightness. This should be 0..1.

Calendar tbd

Camera tbd


  • useCellularGeneration: Generation



  • useDeviceType(): DeviceType
  • useDeviceUptime(): Number
  • useDeviceMaxMemory(): Number

Location tbd

MediaLibrary tbd


  • useNetworkState(): NetworkState
  • useNetworkIpAddress(): Ip
  • ``


  • useNotifications(): notification


  • usePermissions(Type, Options): [state, ask, get]

Print (???)

  • usePrint(options): print
  • usePrintToFile(options): file


  • useRandomBytes(options): bytes


  • useScreenOrientation(): orientation
  • useScreenOrientationLock(type, options): [lock, set/unset]


  • useAccelerometer(options): data
  • useBarometer(options): data
  • useDeviceMotion(options): data
  • useGyroscope(options): data
  • useMagnetometer(options): data
  • useMagnetometerUncalibrated(options): data
  • usePedometer(options): data
  • usePedometerHistory(options): data

StoreReview tbd

Updates tbd


  • useVideoThumbnail(url, options): [thumbnail, fetch]


  • useWebBrowser(url, options): [state, open]
  • useWebAuthSession(url, redirect): [state, open]

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

sebinsuacommented, Jun 26, 2019

Maybe some kind of useFonts which wraps expo-font?

rodw1995commented, May 2, 2020

hasAction internally calls isAvailableAsync if I’m right. So with this it will already skip for web.

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