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Bytemd 1.12.4 svelte does not seem to work

See original GitHub issue

Somehow adding the Editor (see component code below) does not work, and breaks any page with the editor included:

  import { Editor } from "bytemd";
  import gfm from "@bytemd/plugin-gfm";
  import bytemdLocaleDe from "bytemd/lib/locales/de.json";
  import bytemdLocaleEn from "bytemd/lib/locales/en.json";
  import { get } from "svelte/store";
  import { stores } from "@sapper/app";
  const { session } = stores();

  const plugins = [gfm()];

  function handleChange(e) {
    content = e.detail.value;

  function changeLocale(locale) {
    if (locale === "de") {
      return bytemdLocaleDe;
    return bytemdLocaleEn;

  $: currentLocale = changeLocale(get(session).locale);

  export let content;

  let tempContent;

  function initContent() {
    if (content && content !== tempContent) {
      tempContent = content;

  $: initContent(content);

<div class="mb-3">

This error is shown in the console output

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '$$')
    at init$1 (index.esm.js:258:46)
    at new Editor (index.esm.js:35629:5)
    at create_fragment (index.esm.js:4897:1)

we use:

  • svelte 3.46.4
  • sapper 0.29.3
  • rollup 2.70.1

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  • State:open
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:11 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

vujovicigorcommented, Sep 28, 2022

Solution for me was to import it directly from node_modules:

    //import { Editor } from 'bytemd';
    import Editor from '../node_modules/bytemd/svelte/editor.svelte';
dbradleyflcommented, Nov 18, 2022

@vujovicigor thanks for the workaround. Same issue for me.

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