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Scene cannot be cast to android.content.ComponentCallbacks

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在使用依赖注入框架 Koin 注入 ViewModel 时报 ClassCastException 异常,是否应该为 Scene 继承 ComponentCallbacks 接口 image

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:6 (2 by maintainers)

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emredagcicommented, Jul 5, 2021

If you would like to use two frameworks together, you should define a new extension then you can use the koin framework with scene framework.

import androidx.lifecycle.*
import com.bytedance.scene.Scene
import org.koin.core.Koin
import org.koin.core.context.GlobalContext
import org.koin.core.parameter.ParametersDefinition
import org.koin.core.qualifier.Qualifier
import org.koin.core.scope.Scope
import kotlin.reflect.KClass

inline fun <reified T : ViewModel> LifecycleOwner.customViewModel(
    qualifier: Qualifier? = null,
    noinline parameters: ParametersDefinition? = null
): Lazy<T> = lazy { getViewModelCustom(qualifier, parameters) }

inline fun <reified T : ViewModel> LifecycleOwner.getViewModelCustom(
    qualifier: Qualifier? = null,
    noinline parameters: ParametersDefinition? = null
): T {
    return getViewModelCustom(T::class, qualifier, parameters)

fun <T : ViewModel> LifecycleOwner.getViewModelCustom(
    clazz: KClass<T>,
    qualifier: Qualifier? = null,
    parameters: ParametersDefinition? = null
): T {
    return GlobalContext.get().koin.getViewModelCustom(
            parameters = parameters

fun <T : ViewModel> Koin.getViewModelCustom(parameters: ViewModelParameters<T>): T {
    val vmStore: ViewModelStore = parameters.owner.getViewModelStoreCustom(parameters)
    val viewModelProvider = rootScope.createViewModelProviderCustom(vmStore, parameters)
    return viewModelProvider.getInstanceCustom(parameters)

fun <T : ViewModel> ViewModelProvider.getInstanceCustom(parameters: ViewModelParameters<T>): T {
    val javaClass =
    return if (parameters.qualifier != null) {
        this.get(parameters.qualifier.toString(), javaClass)
    } else {

fun <T : ViewModel> LifecycleOwner.getViewModelStoreCustom(
    parameters: ViewModelParameters<T>
): ViewModelStore =
    when {
        parameters.from != null -> parameters.from!!.invoke().viewModelStore
        this is FragmentActivity -> ViewModelStores.of(this)
        this is Fragment -> ViewModelStores.of(this)
        this is Scene -> this.viewModelStore
        else -> error("Can't getByClass ViewModel '${parameters.clazz}' on $this - Is not a FragmentActivity nor a Fragment neither a valid ViewModelStoreOwner")

fun <T : ViewModel> Scope.createViewModelProviderCustom(
    vmStore: ViewModelStore,
    parameters: ViewModelParameters<T>
): ViewModelProvider {
    return ViewModelProvider(
        object : ViewModelProvider.Factory {
            override fun <T : ViewModel> create(modelClass: Class<T>): T {
                return get(parameters.clazz, parameters.qualifier, parameters.parameters)

After you created the extension you can use like code shown below.

class SplashScene : Scene() {

    private val splashViewModel: SplashViewModel by customViewModel()

Ccixyjcommented, Mar 30, 2020


fun LifecycleOwner.getKoin(): Koin = when (this) {
    is KoinComponent -> this.getKoin()
    is Scene -> ((this as? KoinComponent)?.getKoin()
        ?: (this.requireActivity() as? KoinComponent)?.getKoin()
        ?: error("scene attach parent must be KoinComponent"))
    else -> KoinContextHandler.get()
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