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Bytenode breaking JSON.parse() and localStorage.getItem() functions.

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Hi there, my code breaks after compiling with bytenode and that it also breaks with javascript-obfuscator. And after long hours of debugging, I’ve come into conclusion that JSON."parse()" and localStorage."getItem()" cannot be altered in any way as it will not function at all. So my question is whether bytenode allows like some sort of exclusion to exclude certain codes/functions from being compiled/obfuscated in which javascript-obfuscator has like /* javascript-obfuscator:disable */ to do so.

PS: These codes/functions are being used with Puppeteer.

localStorages = await page.evaluate(() => JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('websiteLocalStorage')));

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
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OsamaAbbascommented, Jan 4, 2021

Another solution is to pass your statements as a string to .evaluate() function. It should work too.

I’m closing the issue now. It you still have a problem feel free to comment and ask for re-opening it.

OsamaAbbascommented, Feb 25, 2021

My proposed workaround is to separate the functions that need to be sent to .evaluate() (and similar functions) into a separate .js file.

Something like this:

// main.js, this file can be compiled
const evalFunctions = require('./eval-functions.js');
localStorages = await secondTab.evaluate(;
// eval-functions.js, do NOT compile this file = () => JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem(''));

I hope this solves your issue.

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