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Encryption, compression, etc.

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I use bytenode for my project and through my usage, I have discovered one feature I would like looked into. I am not too happy how the script’s cachedData contains intact function names, variable names, and strings. I would just like a way to hide that information. It’s not like I store passwords in my code, but the function names and strings do expose how my program works.

I tried modifying this module with zlib to hide the raw data, but I encountered one error after another. That is why I am here.

An example of an exposed function:

... QfzȐ5   enableRemoteModuleGQc* ...

Some of the errors I confronted that I couldn’t solve (believe me, I tried):

ReferenceError: Require is not defined
Error: Invalid or incompatible cached data

Please note: after removing the zlib code everything works as expected.

If you are wondering why I don’t just use an obfuscator as the “middleware,” it is because the obfuscators I tried did not obfuscate regex. That was a big problem for me.

All help is appreciated.

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CrazyHoodlemcommented, Jan 23, 2021

Thanks, I had tried doing something like that earlier (but modifying the .jsc one, not creating a new one) and it had lots of errors. Your response made me try again, I realized I had an inconsistency in my code where I was inflating non-deflated files. Once I had that fixed, I still got a require is not defined error. Looking at your code more, I fixed the problem by changing

bytenode.compileCode(fs.readFileSync(filePath, 'utf8'))


        fs.readFileSync(filePath, 'utf8')).replace(/^#!.*/, "")

Thank you, I have no more errors and my code works as expected.

OsamaAbbascommented, Jan 23, 2021

I will look into it.

I like the idea too. =)

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