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set_physics_state and teleport functions only set location (develop branch)

See original GitHub issue

Note: I’m working on the develop branch.

For some reason, only location seems to be getting set correctly when using the set_state function. I’m using the UAV agent.

The other state values (rotation, velocity, and angular velocity) don’t seem to be affected at all when calling the function. I’ve stepped through the code and it seems that the state values are carried all the way down to HolodeckEnvironment.tick(), but only the LocationSensor (index 9 in _sensor_map) is returned from self._get_full_state() with a correctly modified value.

I get the same behavior when using teleport as well. Also, are both the RotationSensor and OrientationSensor working correctly for the UAV?


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  • Created 5 years ago
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nickwaltoncommented, Mar 18, 2019

Hey sorry I didn’t get it done before I left on my cruise but I’ll work to try it done right away now that I’m back

On Thu, Mar 14, 2019, 5:07 PM sethmnielsen wrote:

@nickwalton any updates on this issue?

I noticed that on master, teleport does correctly set the orientation. However, on either the BoatAgent or develop branches, teleport is broken and has no effect on the agent’s orientation (but location is set just fine).

Also, somewhat related to this - is there any way the UAV agent can be given a RotationSensor? It would be really convenient to know the drone’s yaw, pitch and roll. Adding the sensor to Holodeck’s config.json only creates another field in state that always reads [0, 0, 0].

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mattpow35commented, Nov 18, 2020

Added tests #436

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