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IOS Volume is always 0

See original GitHub issue

Hello there, I’m working on an app and cannot get the package to work RN version is 62.2

I added and linked the library correctly, but whenever I call the function

SystemSettings.getVolume('system').then(data => console.log(data) I get the same amount all the time, even when I changed the volume on the simulator.

Anyone had the same issue ?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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Karniejcommented, May 8, 2020

Okay I found out that it doesn’t work on Simulator - only on Physical device - please add it to the docummentation. If you don’t have time - i’ll make a PR 😃

DrakosPZcommented, Oct 25, 2022

I have a similar problem and to me it seems like the entire library isn’t working for me.

I tested it on a device and installed the library normally with npm i

My Code is as followed ` componentDidMount(): void { this.interval = setInterval(this.checkVolume, 500); }

checkVolume() {
		this.setState({musicVolume: checkedVolume});
		this.setState({systemVolume: checkedVolume});
		this.setState({callVolume: checkedVolume});
		this.setState({alarmVolume: checkedVolume});
		this.setState({notificationVolume: checkedVolume});
		this.setState({ringVolume: checkedVolume});


No matter how much I change the volume on my device, it always stays 0?

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