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[FEATURE] Example code for stream.pipeline()

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I have been dealing with an issue where end() is called before all the data is processed, so I am looking at using the stream.pipeline functionality, in NodeJS 12.

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It could be useful to provide an example of how to use fast-csv with the new stream.pipeline. Also including an indication of how to be sure that the stream has finished being processed before finishing, especially when using async/await.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

datiechercommented, May 27, 2020

Thanks a lot, @doug-martin! That’s a more elegant and readable implementation of the solution I arrived at after digging deeper into the stream documentation yesterday.

doug-martincommented, May 27, 2020

@datiecher Yeah the node streams API isnt super straight forward. I would create a custom stream and pipe into it for this type of use case.

Take a look at it goes over the basics on implementing a stream, depending on what you need to do

Here is a quick example of how you could do it.

const { EOL } = require('os');

const csv = require('fast-csv');
const { Transform } = require('stream');

class ProductTransformStream extends Transform {
    _write(row, encoding, callback) {
        this.processRow(row).then((product) => {
            console.log(`DONE PROCESSING ROW ${JSON.stringify(row)}`);
            // push product if you want to use it it later streams.
        }).catch(e => callback(e));

    async processRow(row) {
        const product = await this.findProduct(row);

        if (product) {
            await this.updateProduct(product, row);
        } else {
            await this.createProduct(row);

        await this.extraStuffForEachRow();
        return product;

    async findProduct(row) {
        console.log(`Finding Product ${row.ID}`);
        return Promise.resolve({
            id: row.ID,
            price: row.price,

    async updateProduct(product) {
        console.log(`Updating Product ${}`);
        return Promise.resolve(product);

    async extraStuffForEachRow(row) {
        return Promise.resolve(row);

const CSV_CONTENT = [
    `1,Cool Product,$100.00`,
    `2,Lame Product,$100.00`,

csv.parseString(CSV_CONTENT, { headers: true })
    .on('error', (e) => console.error(e.stack))
    .pipe(new ProductTransformStream({ objectMode: true }))
    .on('end', () => console.log('DONE!'))
    .on('error', (e) => console.error(e.stack));

If you are dealing with thousands of lines you may want to put some batching logic in there so you arent making each request individually.

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