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access tick.format via api?

See original GitHub issue

I have a timeseries graph by weeks.

So, I have the tick format set to: ‘%Y-%m-%d’

When you click “by month” I reload the data to show by month.

When that happens I would like to do something like:

chart.axis.x.tick.format = '%Y-%m';  // e.g. drop day since we're grouping by month


      x: {
        tick: {
          format = '%Y-%m'

Is that possible? If not, would it be possible to add that to the API?

Thanks! C3 is great.

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  • Created 9 years ago
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masayuki0812commented, Jun 3, 2014

Hi, Currently there is no api to change the axis.x.tick.format, but you can do this by defining a variable outside of the format function. Please see this fiddle .

masayuki0812commented, Jun 3, 2014

All right. I’ll close this issue. Thanks!

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