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Loading nested JSON objects

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When I load JSON as chart data, I cannot load any nested objects or array values, but only objects in the first “level” of the JSON object.

This works fine:

data: [{myVal:1}],
keys: {value: ['myVal']} // load property "myVal" 

But this does not work:

data: [{myVal: {innerVal:1}}],
keys: {value: ['myVal.innerVal']} // cannot access nested data here

There would only be a small change needed to implement the access of nested values, and it would make loading of JSON objects much easier in some cases.

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aendra-rininslandcommented, Apr 30, 2016

This is a solid idea. Merging PR to dev now.

akshaysGitcommented, Mar 16, 2017


I am trying to use following JSON data input for stacked bar chart, however its not working for nested input. If I put everything on one level, it works fine. Its just that nested is causing issue. can you pls help?

JSON data - `[ { “Month”: “Sample 1”, “TotalAmount”: “$100”, "StartDate: "EndDate: “Detail”: [ { “Type”: “A”, “Unit”: “50”, “Amount”: “20”}, { “Type”: “B”, “Unit”: “20”, “Amount”: “70”}, { “Type”: “C”, “Unit”: “2”, “Amount”: “10”}, ] }, { “Month”: “Sample 2”, “TotalAmount”: “$150”, “Detail”: [ { “Type”: “A”, “Unit”: “50”, “Amount”: “20”}, { “Type”: “C”, “Unit”: “2”, “Amount”: “10”}, ] },


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