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Quotation marks matter

See original GitHub issue

I had version="0.2.0" in my but when updating using bump2version patch it made version="version='0.2.0'" Changing it to version='0.2.0' did solve the problem for now

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florislacommented, Jul 16, 2019

You are right that quotation marks matter.

But that’s fine – you may want it to match either single or double quotes, but not the other.

The problem is that supporting both quotation styles at the same time is hard to do – search does not accept regular expressions.

I remember I’ve worked around this in the past, but I can’t seem to reproduce this at the moment. I probably included the quotation marks in the parse string in some way.

parse = version\s*=\s*['"](?P<major>\d+)\.(?P<minor>\d+)\.(?P<patch>\d+)['"]

For the record, here’s what’s causing the weird result:

Your contained double quotes version="0.2.0" but your search was looking for single quotes version='{current_version}'. Consequently, the search pattern did not match. (Unfortunately, this failure happens silently, even in verbose mode)

In that case, Bump2version (silently) falls back to the default search, using the serialize pattern (in this case the default {major}.{minor}.{patch}). This resulted in a match on 0.2.0 in the string version="0.2.0".

It replaces the match with the new version, which you defined in replace = version='{new_version}'.

So version="0.2.0" becomes version="version='0.2.1'".

schuderercommented, Jul 20, 2019

Thanks for the explanation! I’m leaving this comment as a heads-up for users using the excellent black formatter, which changes single quotes into double quotes. So if you’re a user of black, you probably need to change the search/replace patterns in your bumpversion.cfg (or setup.cfg) to use " instead of '.

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