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Using bump2version and pre-commit hooks

See original GitHub issue


I have been using bump2version for a while. Thank you for maintaining it. Most recently, I added pre-commit hooks to my workflow. Now, my bumpversion commands are always failing since I think it interferes with the pre-commit hooks.

I am using bumpversion’s --no-commit flag for now and then commit manually. Is there a way to make them both work together ?

Here’s my bumpversion config:

current_version = 1.0.0
commit = True
tag = True

And here’s my pre commit hook config:

- repo: git://
  rev: v1.4.0
    - id: end-of-file-fixer
    - id: trailing-whitespace
    - id: check-case-conflict
    - id: check-merge-conflict
    - id: check-yaml
      args: ['--unsafe']
    - id: detect-private-key
    - id: forbid-new-submodules
    - id: check-json
    - id: pretty-format-json
    - id: check-added-large-files
    - id: flake8

- repo: git://
  sha: 5294cde9d51cff119af537e987c30c320e9fbe2f
    - id: python-import-sorter
      args: ['--silent-overwrite']

- repo:
  rev: stable
    - id: black

Let me know if you need more information from me.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cbowscommented, Feb 21, 2020

Maybe some more info since I also have problems with pre-commit hooks and bumpversion.

More specifically my problem is connected to the fix-trailing-whitespace hook. I configure bumpversion in setup.cfg in a python project. This means there are other sections, sometimes containing lines like these:

exclude =

Bumpversion seems to add whitespace after exclude = which the fix-trailing-whitespace doesn’t like. This causes an error since the pre-commit hooks obviously fail (bumpversion adds whitespace, hooks remove whitespace)

Maybe the original author has similar problems.

Edit: The version I am using is bumpversion: v1.0.0 (using Python v3.6.9)

pzelnipcommented, Nov 1, 2021

Another workaround is to exclude setup.cfg from the hook in your .pre-commit.config.yaml file:

-   repo:
    rev: v4.0.1
      - id: trailing-whitespace
        exclude: setup.cfg

But yeah, this isn’t ideal, and it would be nice if bumpversion didn’t modify any lines it doesn’t need to. Even without the hook, if I edit setup.cfg manually my editor is currently configured to trim trailing whitespace, so that means the diff on a commit where I’m editing setup.cfg is a bit noisier because of the extra whitespace. What’s worse is if I trim the whitespace manually, the next time bumpversion processes the file it’ll put the spaces back which adds diff noise to the bumpversion commit.

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